Niranjan Koirala Pic

Dr. Niranjan Koirala

Position: Chairman/Executive Director
Qualification: Ph.D Biochemistry (Pharmaceutical/Natural products)
Email: koiralaresearchfoundation@gmail.com

Shishir Koirala Pic
Dr. Shishir Koirala

Position: Vice-Chairman
Qualification: MBBS
Email: shishirkoirala0@gmail.com

Zenisha Acharya Pic
Mrs. Zenisha Acharya

Position: Secretary
Qualification: M.Sc (Med. Microbiology)
Email: jenacharya@gmail.com

Shyam Gaire Pic
Mr. Shyam Gaire

Position: Treasurer
Qualification: B.Sc (Chemistry)
Email: shyamgaire537@gmail.com

Rakshya Ghimire Pic
Ms. Rakshya Ghimire

Position: Member
Qualification: Bsc. (Nutrition and Dietetics)
Email: ghimireraksha97@gmail.com

From the Chairman’s desk

Dear Friends
Greetings of the day
Dr. Koirala Research Institute for Biotechnology and Biodiversity (Dr. KRIBB) is a not for profit, non-
political, non-religious and socially responsible research institute.
Dr. KRIBB has a vision to strengthen Nepal’s biodiversity position globally using biotechnological
approaches. The Dr. KRIBB officially opened its doors in 2017. During the service period Dr. KRIBB
will persue to receive grants from various national and international communities, NGOs and INGOs,
Ministry of Science and Technology, NAST, UGC, etc. aiming at generating the next generation of
biotechnological products from our ultra-rich biodiversity- and one facilitating further
internationalization of Dr. KRIBB.
Our vision/target today is to make Dr. KRIBB, a multi-site operation foundation with over 100 people
associated in different level of jobs. Dr. KRIBB will offers excellent research opportunities for
Undergraduates, Masters by research and PhD Scholars in collaboration with leading universities and
academies in Nepal or abroad within the field hereby addressing the pressing need for a critical mass of
well-trained, talented scientists and engineers, who can advance the development of biodiversity via
Regular scientific talk program “Bio-Talk” will be Flagship talk session of Dr. KRIBB along with
several episodes of workshops, seminars, webinars and International conferences. Every research
outcome will be scientifically evaluated for possible international publications, patents or business
development for commercialization and biodiversity conservation.
I welcome all of you to the exciting journey of research and innovation together with Dr. KRIBB.
Thank You


Dr. Niranjan Koirala Ph.D


Dr. Koirala Research Institute for Biotechnology and Biodiversity (Dr. KRIBB) has a vision to become a multidisciplinary hub for research

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  • info@drkribb.com.np
  • P.0.Box: 13837, Kathmandu, Nepal