Contract Research facility DR. KRIBB Bio-Tech can afford & execute:

  • New product development – Herbal origin From identification to clinical research/ trials
  • Safety and efficacy of products Both toxicity & pharmacology / Histopathology model’s evaluation as per GLP/ OECD Guidelines
  • Biochemical profile / evaluation – UV / ELISA
  • Confocal/ fluorescence/ electron microscope facilities
  • DMPK/ Drug half life/ pharmacokinetic studies
  • Poultry research on Safety / efficacy evaluation on suitable model’s
  • Gene expression / suppression analysis/ molecular biology support – RT PCR/qPCR / micro array techniques
  • Establishment of biomarkers with suitable drug delivery system and Patho-Physiology
  • Guidance & support for MSc, BE, MPharm, MPhil & PhD student projects
  • Research article publication in renowned & pubmed/ science Direct / Scopus index journal’s
  • Complete project work / thesis Data compilation
  • Phalgerism check in turnit in software
  • New product development on Both herbal Or synthetic molecules
  • In-vitro and in-vivo safety and efficacy studies
  • Microbiology tests
  • Standardized pure herbal Metabolites/ compounds with COA

Our Expertise

R&D Capabilities

DR. KRIBB Biotech R&D Lab at AIC-JIT is well equipped to carry out modern research in various areas of life sciences. We follow the standard guidelines and protocols for all the scientific studies. Some of the areas of expertise are:

Phytochemistry & Phytopharmaceuticals

  • Identification of crude drugs using pharmacognostic techniques
  • isolation of markers for standardization of herbal products
  • bioactivity -guided fractionation of herbs to isolate their bio-active compounds.
  • development of extraction procedures of medicinal plants
  • Development and evaluation of phytopharmaceuticals
  • Process validation & optimization
  • Characterization and identification of biomarkers
  • Fingerprinting studies with HPTLC, HPLC, etc.
  • Standardization of herbal as well as ayurveda based formulations
  • Isolation and characterization of Phyto-constituents
  • Analysis of formulated drug/ botanical etc
  • Pharmacokinetic studies


  • Development of in-vitro pharmacological methods for drug evaluation
  • Biological standardization of herbal products
  • Application of bioassay methods to stability testing and combinational effect of herbal extracts


  • Analysis of herbal products for microbial contamination
  • Testing of plant extracts and their derivatives for combinational effects to determine synergy
  • Identification and characterization of micro organisms for industrial application
  • Development of anti-microbial and efficiency evaluation
  • Probiotics


  • Proper selection and identification, propagation methods, cultivation techniques, harvesting, step wise quality control of raw materials up to processing stage, post-harvest treatment , storage and safety
  • Develop and provide a comprehensive plan, Supervise the implementation of such plan to interested farmers in contract framing of required medicinal plants and offer buy back.

Analytical chemistry & Instrumentation

  • Development of quality assessment parameters for plants where bio-actives/actives are unknown.
  • Quantitative determination of know active principles, biomarkers and marker components in raw material, extracts, essential oils using HPLC, PTLC,GC etc
  • Development and validation of analytical procedures
  • Residual analysis (Heavy metals, Mycotoxins, Pesticides & Solvents)
  • Standardisation of Herbal Products

Pharmacology & Toxicology

  • Immunity models
  • Inflammatory models
  • Hepatoprotection models
  • wound healing models
  • adaptogenic models
  • stress models
  • oxidative stress models
  • metabolic disorders models


  • Cell-line study for new molecules
  • ELISA based validation
  • Molecular studies and determination of DNA from microbes/plant/animal

Preclinical & Cell Biology

  • In-vitro efficacy studies of drugs for various diseases
  • Pre-clinical cell line & animal studies of drugs for various diseases
  • Biochemical and molecular markers assay

Extraction & Standardization

  • Isolation and characterization of phytomolecules
  • Process development and upscaling

Dr. Koirala Research Institute for Biotechnology and Biodiversity (Dr. KRIBB) has a vision to become a multidisciplinary hub for research

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  • info@drkribb.com.np
  • P.0.Box: 13837, Kathmandu, Nepal