We exist because of biodiversity, and biodiversity exists because of us. We are change makers
and we work for the conservation of our future, i.e., our biodiversity. Our main aim is to attain
sustainability. All of us need to create a culture of preserving our biodiversity.
Ultimately, it is the decisions and deeds of billions of people that will determine whether or not
biodiversity is preserved and exploited responsibly. It is more critical than ever for businesses to
voluntarily get involved in environmental preservation and the sustainable use of nature in an
era where economics is a driving factor in global affairs. Finally, it's not about how much money
you made; it's about how you live an environmentally friendly life by lowering your carbon
Dr KRIBB (Estd. 2017) is only driven by the desire to preserve and utilise our abundant natural
resources using biotechnological methods. We feel that the ultimate decision-maker for
biodiversity is the individual citizen. Small decisions made by an individual have a big influence
because it is personal consumption that drives development, which in turn exploits and
degrades nature.
The general public can start guiding the world towards sustainable development by carefully
selecting the goods they purchase and the government policies they support. We can also use
various alternatives while buying anything to support biodiversity.
The government should play a core role in resilience. Problem identification, need identification
and appropriate solution identification should be done by the government in the first stage.
Secondly, a proper policy with strong implementation should be done by the administration,
and this is the foremost thing to be done.
We at Dr KRIBB conduct various research for the preservation of biodiversity by using
biotechnology. Our message to our upcoming researchers and scientific faculties is to conduct
research sensibly. We motivate the world, individuals, government, industries, stakeholders,
researchers and every one with our slogan, “let’s use biotechnology to preserve and harness
our biodiversity.”